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Auto Polishing - The Basics, with Guide to Shine & Protection

Auto Polishing - The Basics, with Guide to Shine & Protection

Car Polishing - Explained by Professionals


A car is not just a means of transportation but often a proud investment for its owner. To keep it in the best condition, regular maintenance is essential. One important method to preserve the paint and give it a new shine is car polishing. In this blog post, we want to provide you with a guide to car polishing and explain all the important steps in simple words.

  1. Why Is Car Polishing Important?

  • Maintaining the Paint Condition: Car polishing removes small scratches, scrapes, and other imperfections that can develop over time.
  • Improved Appearance/Value Preservation: A polished car looks shinier and well-maintained, enhancing the value and aesthetics of the vehicle.
  • Some Protection Against Environmental Influences: Polished paint is less susceptible to impurities and other external influences.
  1. Preparing for Polishing:

  • Cleaning: Before polishing, the car must be thoroughly washed to remove dirt, dust, and other deposits.
  • Clay Bar Decontamination: Remove rust, tar spots, and other stubborn contaminants with a clay bar.
  • Equipment: Ensure you have all the necessary materials, including a polishing machine (except for hand polishing), polishing pads, polish, and soft microfiber towels.
  • Check Paint Condition: Inspect the paint's condition to determine if it has scratches, swirls, or other defects that may require special treatments (e.g., partial sanding).
  1. The Polishing Process: (3-Stage Polishing, but 1- or 2-stage is also possible)

  • Step 1: Cutting Polish - Use a coarse polish like our Max Cut to remove deep scratches and severe defects. Work in small sections and follow the application instructions. -> See the matching polishing pads.


  • Step 2: Medium or One-Step Polish - Use a medium polish like our Black-One to eliminate minor scratches and holograms.


  • Step 3: High Gloss/Finish Polishing - Use a high-gloss polish like our Perfect-Finish Polish to maximize the paint's shine. Work carefully.


  • Step 4: Cleaning - Remove all polish residues.


  • Step 5: Sealing / Waxing - Optionally, apply a paint sealant or wax to extend the shine and protection of the polished paint.



    Conclusion: Car polishing is an important task to protect the paint and maintain the appearance of your vehicle. Regular polishing helps preserve the shine and increase the resale value. However, remember that car polishing requires careful preparation and correct execution. If you feel unsure, it's advisable to seek professional help. So, take your time to care for your car and, above all, enjoy the radiant shine it exudes.

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