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Welcome to Safe-Shield Detailing & Products - Where Passion Meets Quality!

Founded in 2019, Safe-Shield Detailing & Products is the result of over a decade of experience in professional car care. Our founder, Tim Kohl, has infused his extensive knowledge and passion for flawless vehicles into each of our products. We are a dynamic, small team of industry specialists who share one common trait: an unwavering dedication to perfection in vehicle care.

Our centerpiece? High-quality polishing pads, polishes, and cleaning chemistry designed to meet the demands of car enthusiasts and experts. At Safe-Shield, we understand that every detail matters. That's why we offer only products that meet our strict quality standards. From the careful selection of materials to manufacturing - as much as possible Made in Germany - we prioritize sustainability and excellence.

We speak the language of car enthusiasts. Our target audience, those passionate about car care, will find in us not only products but also a partner who shares their passion. We are more than a provider - we are part of the community.

Our goal? To always provide you with the most modern and high-quality products in the field of vehicle care. At Safe-Shield Detailing & Products, it's not just about the shine on the paint, but also about the sparkle in our and possibly your customers' eyes!

Friendly, cool, and always up to date - that's Safe-Shield. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey to a perfectly maintained vehicle.

Safe-Shield Detailing & Products - For the love of detail.


Founder: Tim Kohl

Founder & Owner Tim Kohl 


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Where is our company located?

We are located in the far north, just above Hamburg on the map. Our main location and warehouse are at Schafskoppel 6, 23845 Itzstedt.