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Detailing basic course 4.6.22

The time has finally come, from now on you can secure a place at an exclusive workshop with Tim Kohl and Paul Baatz!

- Level: Beginner, Hobby Detailing Enthusiast, Commercial Starter -

- Max. 4 people

With our comprehensive workshop program, we offer you the opportunity to learn the basics of the craft from two experts in vehicle detailing in a quiet, family atmosphere.

Breakfast, coffee, drinks, snacks, goodie bag & workshop certificate included!


Procedure for the detailing basic course:

Start 10 a.m. / end 5 p.m

- Admission from 9:45. The evening ended in a friendly atmosphere with drinks and snacks until around 6 p.m.


stage 1

- We start with a short get-to-know-you round with a coffee and delicious sandwiches.


stage 2

- Tim gives you a crisp basic theory course on the subject of polishing machines, polishing agents, sealants, etc. In addition to the basic technical knowledge, you dive into the world of chemistry here.


stage 3

- Now it's off to the machines! Paul Baatz will explain various polishing processes that you can use to perfectly prepare any vehicle paintwork in the future. Workshop participants can always lend a hand here.

- Paul gives you a lot of tips and tricks for the exterior preparation of vehicles.

- At the end of phase 3 you can polish yourself! You can try out every polishing machine and the corresponding polishing agents yourself.


 stage 4

- Now it's time to prepare for the subsequent ceramic sealing. In addition, we will also explain the main differences between the various sealants and waxes that are available to us for paint protection.

- Paul shows you how to apply the sealant, then you can apply ceramic sealant yourself at our vehicle workshop - like a pro!


stage 5

- We will show you how you can use our unique glass corrector to polish scratches out of glass and then seal these surfaces.


Address for the workshop:

Safe-Shield Detailing Hall

Schafskupplung 6, 23845 Itzstedt (near Hamburg)


Within 48 hours After purchasing the ticket, you will receive an email with a confirmation and details on how to get there, hotel recommendations, etc.


We look forward to you!

Ticket is valid for one person.