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Soft-Coat 100ml polymer sealing

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Our soft coat is a PTFE-based polymer sealant. The soft coat is easier to handle than a ceramic seal, making it particularly suitable for quick and uncomplicated use.


The consumption of our soft coat is about 25-30ml per vehicle..

Almost all vehicle surfaces can be sealed, including: paint, plastic and glass.

With proper care, the service life can be up to 6 months.

The soft coat can be applied in several layers.


Put a small amount of soft coat in an applicator (preferably a microfiber sponge).

Spread the Soft Coat over a clear area and let it air out for a moment.

Use a clean & soft microfiber cloth to polish the wetted surfaces by hand until no more liquid residue can be seen.

If you want to apply the product in another layer, repeat the process.

Hints & Tips

- Never use the soft coat on hot surfaces or in the sun, damage can occur!

- If necessary, use several fresh microfibre cloths to remove the liquid residues in order to achieve a streak-free result. The microfiber cloths can then be washed out.


scope of delivery

1x 100 ml soft coat