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Ultra Shine - high performance detailer

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Paint protection & refinement made easy!

Our polymer-based Ultra Shine Detailer gives your paintwork maximum smoothness, bombastic deep shine and strong water beading properties.

The application is super easy;

- Spray on the dry & clean paintwork

- Wipe/polish with a dry, soft cloth

- Finished

Instructions/ Tips & Tricks for using Ultra Shine

Never process the product on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight!

Shake the bottle briefly before each use.

Wash your vehicle with our Ultra Wash & Foam or our Ultra Sour Shampoo. Then dry your vehicle as much as possible. In principle, Ultra Shine can be used on slightly damp surfaces, but for the best result the vehicle should always be as dry as possible.

Spray Ultra Shine onto the first component and wipe/buff with a dry, soft microfiber cloth. If"streaks"appear when wiping/polishing, use a little less Ultra Shine on the next component and/or use a new, dry cloth.

Work your way around the vehicle component by component to achieve an even and perfect result.

Ultra Shine can be applied in 2 layers, and the process can be repeated after around 5 minutes. A second layer intensifies the shine and the water beading behavior.

1x 0.75L Ultra Shine + 1x spray head