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Ultra Wash & Foam - Car Shampoo

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The Ultra Wash & Foam is an extremely powerful but mild car wash shampoo. Our complex developed washing surfactant combination enables a strong cleaning performance with a neutral pH value at the same time. The strong foam formation allows it to be used as a snow foam shampoo and ensures an ingenious washing experience. The shampoo can be used on all vehicle surfaces as well as on ceramic-sealed and foiled vehicles. The pleasantly fruity, but not obtrusive, mango smell rounds off the perfect car wash.

- Very productive

- Strong cleaning power

- Gentle on materials/surfaces (Ph-neutral)

- Suitable for ceramic sealed vehicles

- Professional quality Made in Germany


As a shampoo:For a hand wash, add 60-80ml to 10 liters of water.

As Snow Foam:For processing with a Snow Foamer add 60-80ml to 1 liter of water.