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Ultra Wheel Cleaner/ Rim Cleaner

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PH-neutral high-performance rim cleaner

The powerful Ultra Wheel Cleaner cleans even heavily soiled rims in no time at all, and it's completely acid-free ! The modern composition of our Ultra Wheel Cleaner enables extreme cleaning power with a neutral pH value at the same time.

Very economical..

The spray head we use ensures perfect atomization and a perfect spray pattern of our Ultra Wheel Cleaner. Due to the optimized atomization, consumption is extremely low!

Application - super easy!

1. Spray the dry rim with Ultra Wheel Cleaner.

2. Wait until the cleaning indicator turns purple. (3-5 mins)

3. Rinse the rim with a high-pressure cleaner or a hard jet of water.

[In the case of extremely stubborn dirt, the process can be supported with a soft sponge or a soft brush.]

Notes:Always check for compatibility in an inconspicuous place! Never use in direct sunlight or allow to dry!

Scope of delivery for the 0.75L variant:

1x Ultra Wheel Cleaner 750ml, 1x high-quality spray head for 360° atomization.

Scope of delivery for the 5 L version:

1x 5 liter container of Ultra Wheel Cleaner