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Scrub Pad Cleaning Pad

Our Scrub Pad is a specially designed microfiber pad that even removes the most stubborn dirt and stains from surfaces. The special pad features a very unique surface that enables very effective cleaning.

Product Features

The fine microfibers, in combination with special nylon bristles, work effectively to achieve optimal cleaning performance on a variety of surfaces. Due to its handy rectangular shape and robust material combination, the Scrub Pad is the ideal choice for effective and thorough cleaning in a wide range of applications.

The Scrub Pad is suitable for a variety of surfaces such as plastic, leather, textiles, Alcantara, etc. Thanks to their durability and resistance, our Scrub Pads last a long time and deliver the best cleaning results.


The application is very simple! You moisten it with a cleaning agent like our Ultra. Now you rub or "scrub" it over the surface to be cleaned. The pressure and friction of the textured surface help to effectively remove dirt.

You can simply rinse the Scrub Pad with warm water after use and reuse it multiple times depending on your needs.

Customer Reviews

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Jakob S.
Scrub Pad einfach Genial

Ich hatte Regen oder bzw wasser streifen in meinen Kunststoffteilen der Tür, diese gingen eigentlich nicht mehr raus. Habe mir das Scrub Pad und den safeshield innenreiniger gekauft. Einmal rüber geschrubbt und die Streifen waren weg. Habe damit auch einen Fleck aus meinem Ledersitz rausbekommen der schon seit dem Kauf drinnen war und nie richtig weg ging