125mm 6" polishing pads

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The Right Polishing Pads

Discover our premium selection of polishing pads – Made in Germany! Our polishing pads are specifically designed to enable every car enthusiast to achieve professional results. Whether you're looking for thermo polishing pads for professional grinding and polishing or the ultimate high-gloss finish, you'll find the right pads here.

Our polishing pads come in various sizes, hardness levels, and materials to ensure the ideal pad is available for every type of paint and polishing task. From surface preparation to the final high-gloss finish – our pads support you in every step of the polishing process.

Benefit from the durability and high quality of our products, which ensure effective and gentle treatment of your vehicle's paint.

Are you a polishing beginner? Take the first step towards a dazzling vehicle and discover our selection of polishing pads today. Trust our expertise and experience the difference that high-quality polishing pads can make.