Car wash & care complete set

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Car wash & care complete set

With our car wash set you get real professional products, Made in Germany! All recipes were developed in German laboratories, so you can be sure that only approved components are in our washing products. All cleaners are highly concentrated and, thanks to state-of-the-art recipes, have the special feature of achieving extreme performance with very good material compatibility at the same time.


1) The Ultra Wash & Foam is an extremely powerful but mild car wash shampoo. Our complex developed washing surfactant combination enables a strong cleaning performance with a neutral pH value at the same time. The strong foam formation allows it to be used as a snow foam shampoo and ensures an ingenious washing experience. The shampoo can be used on all vehicle surfaces as well as on ceramic-sealed and foiled vehicles. The pleasantly fruity, but not obtrusive, mango smell rounds off the perfect car wash.


2) Ultra Sour- powerfully cleans, prevents and eliminates water stains!*

Our Ultra Sour is an acidic washing shampoo which we have specially designed to prevent annoying water stains when washing and to eliminate existing stains. *The acidic shampoo neutralizes (demineralizes) the washing water and dissolves mineral dirt such as limescale stains, mostly from the vehicle surface.

The shampoo can be used on all common vehicle surfaces. It is suitable for washing ceramic-sealed vehicles (the compatibility of the material must always be checked in an inconspicuous place before use!)



3) Our polymer based Ultra Shine Quick Detailer gives your paint maximum supple smoothness, bombastic deep shine and a strong water beading behavior.

The application is super easy;

- Spray on the dry & clean paintwork

- Wipe/polish with a dry, soft cloth

- Complete



4) pH-neutral rim cleaner

The powerful Ultra Wheel Cleaner cleans even heavily soiled rims in no time at all, and that completely acid free! The modern composition of our Ultra Wheel Cleaner enables extreme cleaning power with a neutral pH value at the same time. Very economical..


Scope of delivery:

1x Ultra Shine 750ml

1x Ultra Sour 750ml

1x Wash & Foam 750ml

1x Ultra Wheel Cleaner 750ml

2x spray head



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