Brush Cover washing brush cover

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Brush Cover washing brush cover

Product description

The washing brush cover offers a number of advantages when washing with a washing brush such as in a washing box. Our brush cover is equipped with a high-quality elastic closure, which allows the brush cover to be attached perfectly and securely to almost all brushes.


  1. Soft and gentle cleaning : The washing brush cover is made of high-quality, soft materials that have been specially developed to gently clean the painted surface of your vehicle. It gently removes dirt, dust and impurities without leaving any scratches.

  2. Protection against swirls and scratches : The cover forms a protective barrier between the wash brush and the car paint, minimizing the risk of swirls and scratches that can occur during car washing. This enables safe and gentle cleaning of your vehicle.

  3. Universal fit : The washing brush cover is designed to fit most standard washing brushes. It is easy to install and fastens securely with the flexible elastic closure to prevent slipping during use.

  4. Quick-drying material : The cover is made of a quick-drying material that dries quickly after use. This prevents the formation of unpleasant odors and mold.

  5. Easy to clean : The cover is easily removable and can be easily washed. This keeps it hygienic and ready for the next car wash. - Attention: never wash above 40 degrees and never with fabric softener!

  6. Durable and reusable : Made from durable materials, the washing brush cover is durable and can withstand many car washes.

  7. Ideal for sensitive surfaces : The cover is not only suitable for gentle car washing, but also for gentle and intensive cleaning of motorhomes, caravans, boats, etc.

With the washing brush cover you get a high-quality solution to clean your vehicle safely and gently without endangering the sensitive paint surface. Enjoy a worry-free car wash and keep your vehicle's shine safe.

TIP: To clean your vehicle particularly gently and intensively, we recommend our pH-neutral Ultra Wash & Foam Shampoo !

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Marcus F.

Great product, fast delivery. Everything is fine😊