Perfect Finish/Anti Hologram Polish

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Anti Hologram Polish - Perfect Finish

Discover the experience of a flawless paint finish with our "Perfect Finish Anti Hologram Polish"! The specially developed formula is your key to unparalleled depth of shine, while effectively removing any holograms. After application, the polish is particularly easy to remove from the paint, which not only saves time but also ensures a radiant and uniform finish.

Precisely tuned for use with our Perfect Finish & Ultra Soft Thermo Polishing Pads.

  • Anti-Hologram Perfection
  • Maximum Depth of Shine
  • Silicone-Free Formula
  • Dust-Free Formula
  • Easy Removal

  • For maximum results, please also read the "Processing" and "Tips & Notes" sections thoroughly - have fun!

    Product Description

    Application Area: Remove holograms, fine scratches, "wash scratches", prepare for subsequent waxing or sealing - suitable for all common types of paint

    The state-of-the-art Perfect Finish was developed by us to offer you an exceptional high-gloss experience. It is the finest polish in our 3-stage polishing system and the key to deep, impressive shine and a hologram-free surface.

    This polishing paste was also developed to effectively remove stubborn holograms. It ensures that the paint not only shines maximally but also receives an even, flawless finish that impresses from every perspective.

    We know that good processing is just as important as a good result. Therefore, the Perfect Finish polish was also developed with a nearly dust-free formula, allowing for a cleaner, more straightforward application.

    After polishing, our Anti Hologram Polish can be effortlessly removed from the paint. This saves time and effort and ensures a radiant, uniform result without the risk of rubbing new streaks into the paint by wiping too hard. With the Perfect Finish Anti-Hologram Polish, the paint becomes a shining masterpiece, free from fine imperfections.

    Always pay attention to all instructions during processing

  • Container Sizes: 250ml, 1 Liter

  • Application of the Perfect Finish Anti Hologram Polish

    Suitable for use in combination with rotary & orbital machines.
    The following are the application steps:*

    Step 1:
    Wash the vehicle thoroughly to remove all dirt. Clay the paint to remove adhered contaminants, thus extending the life of the polishing pads and preventing scratches from loosened dirt in the paint. Choose a clean and dust-free work area in the shade.

    Step 2:
    Process the Polish:
    Mount a clean Perfect Finish or Ultra Soft pad on your polishing machine and apply a small amount of polish to the pad. Always work on small & manageable sections. (e.g., half a door or about a quarter of the hood). Wipe off the polished polish residues with a soft microfiber cloth.

    On very sensitive paints like Uni-Black or very soft paints, you can use the perfect finish with our special Ultra-Soft pads- in this combination, an absolutely hologram-free ultra-high gloss result is almost guaranteed.

    Step 3:
    Inspection & Next Steps:
    Once you have processed all areas, check the entire vehicle again for possible streaks or areas with polish residues. Then you can treat the paint with a sealant or wax- pay attention to the corresponding instructions and preparation rules of the respective products.

    *This guide serves only as a rough guideline, note that the application possibilities are very versatile and the exact procedure may vary depending on the application. If you are unsure about something, feel free to ask us for advice. Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces!

    Processing Temperature: +5 to +30°C
    Storage Temperature & Location: +5 to +20°C | Store protected from sunlight.
    Shelf Life: At least 12 months in the original container.

    Questions & Answers

    How do I remove polish residues from the polishing pad?
    We recommend blowing out the pads with compressed air during polishing (if available). This effectively removes most excess polish residues. After polishing, you can clean your polishing pads with lukewarm water and a drop of pH-neutral soap to remove the polish.

    The polish dries hard and is difficult to wipe off with a microfiber cloth, what's the mistake?
    This is usually due to a heat issue, reduce the speed of your polishing machine and pay attention to the heat development that occurs on the surface during polishing- this should always be kept as low as possible. If the problem persists, use a fresh polishing pad.

    I have dried polish residues in the paint, which I only noticed later?
    Moisten a soft microfiber cloth, this will help remove the polish residues

    Can I use the polish with other polishing pads than the Perfect Finish and Ultra Soft pads?
    Yes- depending on the hardness of the paint, type of paint, used polishing machine, etc., it may be useful to try the polish with other pads.

    Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 The mixture is not classified as dangerous according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008.
    Hazard-determining components for labeling The treated goods contain biocide products as a protective agent. P102 Keep out of reach of children. Safety notes EUH208 Contains a mixture of 5-Chloro-2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one (EC No. 247-500-7) and 2-Methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one (EC No. 220-239-6) (3:1). May cause allergic reactions.
    Safety data sheet available on request.

    Customer Reviews

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    Michael B.
    Klasse Finish Politur

    Super auszufahren und vor allem mal ne Politur die auch gut riecht!

    Martin S.
    Da ist der Name Programm "Perfect“

    Einfache Verarbeitung, leicht zu entfernen, super Finish👍

    Dirk R.
    Solide Polituren

    Die Polituren funktionieren gut und machen was sie wollen. In manchen Fällen wo andere Polituren an ihre Grenzen kommen kann man mit der Perfect Finish richtig was reissen.

    Martin S.
    Perfect Finish

    Super leichte Anwendung und perfektes Ergebnis

    Sebastian G.

    Richtig Mega ich bin verliebt 😂