Ultra Cut dual thermal foam polishing pad 125mm/ 5"

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Ultra Cut dual thermal foam polishing pad

Dual thermal foam technology with excellent "cut" properties and heat resistance, based on a 2-layer thermal foam combination.

Matched polish: Max Cut polish

Features: Hard foam, dual thermal foam technology, reticulated (open cell), center hole

Areas of application: sanding polishing, removing scratches, removing paint defects such as dust inclusions and paint runs

Application: rotary machine, eccentric machine

Shape: trapezoidal

Ø 136 mm / 25 mm high

Velor = Ø 125 mm

Product description

This polishing sponge has been specially developed to provide a first-class polishing experience and to cope with even the most demanding (grinding) polishing tasks.

Excellent heat resistance:

The dual thermal foam technology with excellent "grinding" properties and heat resistance, based on a 2-layer thermal foam combination, ensures unparalleled performance.

Whether you use a rotary or eccentric polishing machine, this sponge maintains its shape and consistency even at high polishing temperatures. The heat resistance guarantees a longer lifespan of the sponge and allows you to achieve consistently high polishing performance even with intensive use.

Outstanding grinding/polishing properties:

Our polishing sponge features impressive grinding and polishing properties, meaning you can efficiently and effortlessly remove paint defects and scratches. The specially developed surface structure of the sponge enables an even polishing result.

Highest quality for professional results:

Our polishing sponge is made of high-quality materials that ensure a long service life and consistent performance. The sponge's robust construction allows for easy handling and ensures even pressure distribution during the polishing process. In addition, the sponge is easy to clean and suitable for multiple uses without sacrificing quality or efficiency. The polishing sponge was developed and manufactured in Germany .

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a dedicated "enthusiast", our dual thermal foam polishing sponge will provide you with a premium polishing experience. Experience the combination of exceptional heat resistance, outstanding polishing properties and achieve the best paint results that will impress.

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