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Glass Coat 50ml

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glass coat

Our Glass-Coat is a high-tech glass seal for glass surfaces of all kinds. Glass surfaces coated with Glass-Coat stay clean many times longer and are also easier to clean, since dirt and grime cannot adhere to them in the first place.

From around 70 km/h, rain that hits the windscreen flows away immediately thanks to the strong water-repellent behavior - so you always have a clear view.

Our glass coat has a service life of up to 7 months, which can vary depending on the load.


1. Degrease the glass surfaces to be sealed with our pre-cleaner.

(With weathered panes it makes sense to apply a glass polish before coating)

2.Make sure the surface is dry before coating.

3. Put the glass coat in an application sponge and distribute it on the glass pane until a closed layer is formed.

4.Let the sealant dry for about 2 minutes and then polish the surfaces with a short-fibre microfibre cloth. Wipe until no more coating residue is visible.

Now the glass surface may be left for about 2 hours. not be exposed to moisture.

A NOTICE : For a longer service life, we recommend applying 2 layers, especially on the windscreen - repeat this after about 10 minutes. the process from point 2.