Glass Corrector glass polish 100ml


Polish scratches from glass? That works now!

Our newly developed Glass Corrector , which is already a top seller, offers the opportunity to do this. The Glass Corrector (glass polish) contains a new type of abrasive grain which, unlike conventional aluminum oxide, has a very hard core. Due to these and other optimized properties, you can polish glass wonderfully with this product.

Processing instructions

To process our glass corrector, we recommend using only the glass pads provided by us. Our glass pads are based on a felt that has been compressed in a special process, which, unlike most other felt pads, retains the necessary strength of the compressed fibers for a long time.

To remove scratches from glass, use only rotary polishing machines! Eccentric machines cannot remove enough material to remove scratches from glass.

Eccentric polishing machines can only be used to intensively clean glass panes with our Glass Corrector. (e.g. removing limescale stains)

100ml glass pane polish with new type of abrasive grain.