Ultra Shine - high performance detailer

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Ultra-Shine Quick Detailer

Optimize your paint with our Quick Detailer! – Your new ally for a deep shine and a flawless car - strong water-beading behavior included! Designed for easy and efficient application, the Ultra-Shine Quick Detailer is an essential product for all car enthusiasts.

  • Easy Application & Perfect Shine
  • Very Strong Water-Beading Behavior
  • Suitable for All Types of Paint
  • Versatile Application
  • Dirt-Repellent Surface
  • Car, RV, Motorcycle, Boat, etc.

  • For maximum results, please read the "Processing" and "Tips & Notes" sections carefully - enjoy!

    Product Description

    Perfectly sealed after every wash: The Quick Detailer is specifically designed to be used after vehicle washing. It not only provides an intense shine but also leaves a smooth surface that repels water and dirt. This ensures a long-lasting, clean look and minimizes the cleaning effort during the next wash.

    Suitable for All Types of Paint: Whether your vehicle has metallic paint, matte finish, or classic solid color, the Quick Detailer is safe and effective for all types of paint. It enhances color intensity, adds shine, and offers some protection against environmental influences.

    A Must-Have for Car Care Enthusiasts: The Quick Detailer is the ideal product for those who value a well-maintained and shiny vehicle. Easy to use and effective in results, car care becomes a pleasure.

    High-Quality Ingredients for Superior Performance: The Quick Detailer is made from a unique blend of ingredients specially developed to care for and protect your vehicle's paint. The ingredients have been tested for their effectiveness and safety on various materials. This ensures that you receive a safe product that can be applied to paint and plastic without any issues.

    Suitable for post-care of ceramic-coated vehicles.

    The "stand time" is several weeks.

  • Pack Sizes: 750ml

  • - Ensure that your car is not exposed to direct sunlight to avoid quick drying or streaking! -

    Step 1:
    Vehicle Wash: Start with a thorough cleaning of your vehicle. Use our "Ultra Wash & Foam" or "Ultra Sour Shampoo" to effectively remove dirt and deposits. These products are specially designed to ensure optimal surface cleaning.

    Step 2:
    Drying: After washing, thoroughly dry the vehicle. Although the Quick Detailer can also be applied to wet surfaces, for the best and longest-lasting results, we recommend completely drying the paint before application. Use our high-quality and soft drying towel for the best results.

    Step 3:
    Application of Quick Detailer: Spray the detailer evenly on the first section of the vehicle; you can be quite economical with the detailer as it is very productive. Use our soft 400gsm microfiber cloth to wipe off or "polish" the detailer. Be careful not to use too much product to avoid streaking.

    Work systematically, section by section around the vehicle to achieve a uniform and perfect result. - Finished

    Possible optimizations during processing
    If streaks occur during wiping, reduce the amount of detailer on the next section or use a new, clean microfiber cloth.

    If the detailer dries too quickly or unsightly streaks appear, you can easily remove them/polish them with a damp and soft cloth.

    You can even apply our detailer in 2 layers. This will enhance the effect and longevity.

    danger symbol

    GHS07 Signal Word: Caution
    Hazard-determining components for labeling: Hazards H319 Causes serious eye irritation Precautions: P102 Keep out of reach of children. P305+P351+P338 IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
    Safety data sheet available on request.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Detailer für Wohnmobil & Auto

    Ich habe den Detailer jetzt mehrmals für unser Wohnmobil und unsere Pkws bestellt. Wird immer nach dem waschen benutzt. Toll wäre wenn ihr entsprechende Tücher für den Detailer mit raus bringen könntet! mfg

    Hey danke für dein Feedback, die entsprechenden Tücher gibt es bei uns im Shop. Wir haben diese nun auch unter dem Produkt markiert. Schöne Grüße

    Thomas H.

    Ultra Shine- Hochleistungs Quick Detailer