Microfiber Cutting Polishing Pad

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Microfiber Cutting Polishing Pad

Our high-quality microfiber cutting polishing pads offer great performance - they have a high removal rate and at the same time produce a good, relatively good level of shine. 

Area of ​​application: Grinding polishing, removing scratches, removing sanded spots (max. P1500)

Features: Microfiber polishing pad ✓ Thermal foam based ✓ Strong cut ✓ Center hole ✓

Coordinated polish: Max Cut polish

Processing: Only recommended for eccentric machines and eccentrics with forced rotation! ✓

Diameter: Velor/Velcro side = Ø 150 mm | Ø 125 mm | Ø 75mm
Shape: trapezoidal | Professional shape for precise handling

Product description


Discover our microfiber cutting polishing pads

These pads have been specially developed for you to offer an outstanding combination of intensive removal and a relatively good shine - an essential addition to your polishing work. The microfiber pads run very smoothly on the polishing machine, which makes working very pleasant.

For optimal results, we recommend using our pads in combination with the Max Cut polish. This coordination allows you to effectively remove even stubborn surface defects and at the same time achieve a good gloss finish, making subsequent finish usually child's play.

To achieve the best possible results, our polishing pads are only recommended for use with eccentric machines and forced rotation eccentrics. This specific orientation guarantees harmonious and effective workmanship, just right for your professional car care needs.

Exact size information

Shape: trapezoidal | Professional shape for precise handling
Ø 165 mm | Ø 130 mm | Ø 80 mm / height = 17 mm | 22mm | 25mm
Velours/ Klettseitig = Ø 150 mm | Ø 125 mm | Ø 75 mm

Attention, these are only guidelines for the correct process of polishing work, they do not replace instructions. The process can vary depending on the intended application.
Quick Guide: Microfiber Cutitng Polishing Pad
  • General: Watch out for excessive heat development during processing. Incorrect handling can damage surfaces. Always pay attention to all general safety instructions when handling polishing agents.
  • Prepare: Thoroughly clean the surface before polishing. Maintain a clean work environment
  • Polishing: Apply Max Cut Polish to the pad.
  • Polishing: Start your polishing machine at low speed, increase it as needed for intensive polishing.
  • Cleaning: Regularly remove any polish residue from the pad and clean it as directed.

Care instructions for polishing pads

  • During use: Blow the polishing pad regularly with compressed air during use to remove polishing residue and worn paint from the foam. A compressed air gun with a “tornado” effect is particularly recommended for this.
  • Regular care: After each use, blow out the polishing pad (carefully) with compressed air to remove residues and extend the service life. A compressed air gun with a “tornado” effect is particularly recommended for this.
  • Deep cleaning: If the pad is heavily soiled, it can be cleaned by hand with a pH-neutral shampoo. Be sure to clean the pad gently to avoid damaging the structure.
  • Drying: After cleaning, allow the pad to air dry before using it again. Avoid direct sunlight or heat sources as these can damage the material.

Regular and careful care of your polishing pad ensures consistently high performance and a long service life.

Safety instructions for polishing with polishing pads

Care should be taken when handling polishing pads and machines to avoid injury and damage. Please note the following safety instructions:

  • Wear protective clothing: Always use suitable protective clothing such as safety glasses, gloves and, if necessary, hearing protection to protect yourself from flying particles and noise.
  • Correct handling of the machine: Before using it, familiarize yourself with your polishing machine and always use it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Hold the machine firmly and check the pressure.
  • Checking the polishing pad: Check the polishing pad for damage or signs of wear before each use. A damaged pad should always be replaced to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  • Secure the work area: Make sure that your work area is free of obstacles and that you are not working on slippery surfaces. Keep flammable materials away from the work surface.
  • Observe product instructions: Always read the product instructions for your polishing pad and polishing agents. Not all pads are suitable for every type of polishing task or material surface.

Important: If used incorrectly, the paint can be damaged. If in doubt, the work should be sent to a professional to avoid damage and achieve the best possible result.


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